Assistant Professorship in Integrative Physiology, September 2022

Lauren is chairing the search for an Assistant Professor in Integrative Physiology and excited for a physiologically inclined colleague. Applications due here October 1.

Position description: The University of Washington (UW) Department of Biology is seeking to hire a full-time, tenure-track Assistant Professor in integrative physiology. A successful candidate would take innovative and collaborative approaches while working in an organismal framework to address integration of physiological processes across 1) biological levels, 2) organisms and ecosystems, and/or 3) ecological or evolutionary timescales. Example topics include physiological responses to environmental change and variability, maintenance of homeostasis, the molecular basis of metabolic adaptation, physiological interactions between organisms, and mechanisms of physiological evolution. In keeping with our department’s broad taxonomic breadth (plants, animals, fungi, microbes), we welcome candidates from a variety of backgrounds.

Farewell Chris, June 2022

Farewell to Chris Johnson who has wrapped up his work on the TrEnCh project and moved on to work with Sabine Rumpft at the University of Basel. Stay tuned for a great paper exploring how well directly applying thermal performance curves predicts fitness responses to climate change relative to a population dynamic model that considers the thermal sensitivity of fitness components. Best wishes to Chris and family!

Off to the CO Mountain Research Station, May 2022

Most of the group is off to CU’s Mountain Research Station to launch a grasshopper reciprocal transplant experiment examining survival and fecundity constraints along an elevation gradient.

Farewell Abby, February 2022

The pandemic delay to Abby starting a fellowship in Greenland is finally over. We’re grateful that the delay allowed Abby to make amazing contributions to our TrEnCh project and are excited to follow Abby’s Greenland adventure.

Welcome Monica, February 2022

We’re excited to welcome Monica as a postdoc to work on the NSF Rules of Life project examining grasshopper fecundity and survival constraints. Up soon for Monica will be orchestrating an ambitious field reciprocal transplant project.